1. Fastest acting and safest mode of treatment available till today, absolutely no side effect of medicine.

  2. Effectiveness is tested in thousands of patients with more than 90 % of success rate.

  3. Medicine not only increases sperm count but also increases sperm motility and Volume, abnormal sperm morphology will corrected with treatment.

  4. Homeopathic medicine are safe, free from hormones.

  5. Maximum time required for treatment is 9 month with minimum of 1 million sperm count, no need of medicine for at least 8 to 10 year after completion of treatment and semen analysis parameter will be normal.

  6. Homeopathic medicine are small sweet pills and its easy to dissolve it on tongue, medication is easy and hassle free.

  7. Treatment also clears Varicocele, hormonal imbalance and other urological abnormalities.

Precaution Before and During Treatment

  1. No oral or Hormonal treatment is allowed at least one month prior to this treatment and during the course of treatment.

  2. Semen analysis report is must before starting treatment, so one can know the effect of treatment at middle and end of treatment.

  3. Extra food supplements, Vitamins and other sexual tonic should be avoided during treatment.

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